The Explorer is a very versatile and safe rowing boat, capable of single or double rowing with additional passenger seating forward or aft.

Discover the Armplast Nordic Explorer, a coastal rowing boat that redefines recreational rowing across rivers, lakes, estuaries, and sheltered coastal waters. Designed for versatility, the Nordic Explorer excels in touring, camping, and extended cruising, making it the perfect vessel for training and skill development in fine boat sculling. Its accessibility for all age groups and skill levels, from novices to experts, ensures that everyone can enjoy the thrill of rowing with a crew limit of three.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Nordic Explorer features a moulded GRP hull and deck, ensuring both durability and a sleek appearance. Whether you're embarking on a serene solo journey or an adventurous excursion with companions, the Nordic Explorer by Armplast is your gateway to the unparalleled joy of coastal rowing.

To place an order for the Pilot 4 and Pilot 6 motor boats, or Nordic Explorer coastal rowing boat, please contact Armplast's partner Westport Marine.

Emili 425 Sport boat

Technical Specifications:

Mass (kg): 

Single 78 kg., Double 88 kg

Category C:


Beam of the hull (m): 


Crew Limit: 


Length of the hull (m):


Standard Equipment:

Folding Riggers: For easy storage and transport. Self Bailer: Ensures your boat remains dry and buoyant. Sliding Cedar Seat & Rails: Combines comfort with durability. Adjustable Foot Board, Cups & Straps: Provides a customizable rowing experience. Forward & Aft 6" W/T Hatches: Ample storage for touring and camping gear. Side Storage Deck Elastic, Port & Starboard: Extra storage options for your essentials. 4 off Mooring Cleats: Secure mooring made easy. Bow Eye: For convenient towing and anchoring. Rigid PVC Keel Band: Protects the hull during beach landings. Bilge Sump & Board: Keeps the deck dry for a comfortable rowing experience. Moulded GRP Hull & Deck: Ensures durability and a sleek appearance. 3 Compartments: Enhances safety and buoyancy.

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