Discover Armplast's Expert Services: Tailoring Composite Solutions to Your Needs

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CEO of Armplast with Explorer coastal rowing boat

Manufacturing and Sales:

Armplast specializes in the manufacturing and sale of composite fittings and equipment tailored to various applications​.

Warranty and Support Services:

Offering warranty and support services for boats, both at their own manufacturing site and at partner workshops​.

Consultation and Repair Materials:

Provides a set of repair materials and in-house product experts’ consultation for self-servicing of boats.

Parts and Accessories Supply:

Armplast can supply various parts and accessories such as canopies, tents, oars, and products from brands like OSCULATI, CEREDI, ULTRAFLEX, WATSKI, and NAVIMO for boat maintenance and enhancement.


Meet the Armplast Team: A Blend of Expertise and Passion

Ceslav Sokolovič

Ceslav Sokolovič

+370 698 18 413
Michal Volosevič

Michal Volosevič

Production Manager
+370 698 17 259
Katažina Bulgakienė

Katažina Bulgakienė

Quality / Logistic manager
+370 675 75173
Loreta Butrim

Loreta Butrim

Quality / HSSE Manager
+370 610 04 300
Agnieška Rotkievič

Agnieška Rotkievič

+370 674 59 400