Emili 5.90, a transportable open hull for beginners

1st part of our test of the Emili 5.90. The Lithuanian shipyard Armplast produces a range of motorboats called Emili. The largest model is the 5.90. Simply equipped and easy to sail, the Emili 5.90 offers a versatile program, from coastal sailing to water sports.

The fiberglass specialist

The Emili Boats brand is produced by Armplast, a specialist in the composite market. Based in Lithuania, Armplast produces mainly motorboats and leisure and sport catamarans. In parallel, Armplast also manufactures a range of fiberglass products for the automotive and construction industries.

A simple open hull to start boating

Emili Boats offers a range of open hulls and boats, from 2.40 m to 5.95 m in size. It is this largest model, the Emili 5.90, with a width of 2.40 m, that we had the opportunity to test in La Rochelle. This open hull is built in fiberglass and weighs 600 kg. Its simple deck layout and modest dimensions make it an ideal boat for beginners, but also for boaters looking for a small boat for cruising or anchoring.

Un plan de pont simple mais efficace
A simple but effective deck plan

Versatile, it meets several programs, including coastal navigation with family or friends, or water sports by opting for the Sport package, equipped with hydraulic steering. The Emili 5.90 is approved in category C. It can take 6 people on board. Designed for inland waters, its hull allows it to pass comfortably in the chop. Its shallow draft of 0.40 m allows it to be anchored close to beaches or in inaccessible creeks.

A well-made construction

The Emili 5.90 is constructed of fiberglass with counter-molded boxes. The handrails and balconies are made of stainless steel. Its Scandinavian design offers a bow access to disembark or embark. The cockpit is self-draining. This model is equipped with a medium V-shaped bow with a bow that is quite tulip-shaped to deflect the spray.

Une étrave en V évasée
A flared V-shaped bow

Essential options for boating

If the shipyard plans to launch an Emili 6.50, this model is for the moment the largest model of the range. It remains transportable, which avoids having to pay for a place in port. Its basic price is affordable, but options will need to be added for more comfort on board.