Emili 590: An open type sports boat ideal for activities like water skiing, fishing, or coastal exploration.

Emili 590: Your Gateway to Exhilarating Marine Adventures

The Emili 590 is Armplast's answer to those seeking an open type sports boat that perfectly balances performance, style, and comfort. Ideal for families and friends, this boat is your companion for a range of activities, from water skiing and fishing to exploring the beauty of coastlines and estuaries.

A Boat That Excels in Comfort and Safety:

The Emili 590 is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. It features robust stainless steel handrails for a secure grip and plush cushions for a stylish and comfortable seating experience. The boat is also equipped with navigation lights, ensuring safety in various conditions.

Scandinavian-Inspired Design for Easy Boarding:

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design, the Emili 590 boasts handrails all around, with an open forward end for easy boarding when beached or moored bow-on. The inboard freeboard is generously high, providing a safe and secure environment, especially for younger or less sure-footed passengers.

Perfect for Choppy Waters:

The hull of the Emili 590 is a conventional medium V planning form with ample flare above the topside knuckle, making it ideal for handling choppy waters while effectively keeping spray down. This design ensures a smooth and dry ride, enhancing your experience on the water.

Versatile Seating and Ergonomic Console:

The deck of the Emili 590 includes spacious seating forward of the console and additional seating across the aft bench, offering flexibility and comfort for your crew. The steering console is ergonomically designed, providing protection from the elements and ample space for navigation equipment.

Swim Platform for Water Enthusiasts:

A molded swim platform at the rear, complete with a ladder, lockers, and a ski-post, makes the Emili 590 perfect for those who love water activities. Additional lockers under the seating provide secure storage space, ensuring your belongings are safe while you enjoy your time on the water.

Emili 590: More Than Just a Boat:

The Emili 590 is more than just a boat; it's a versatile platform for endless aquatic enjoyment. Whether you're seeking thrilling water sports or peaceful exploration, the Emili 590 is designed to exceed your expectations and elevate every adventure on the water.


Technical Specifications:

Beam of the hull (m):  


Category CE:  


Crew Limit:  


Draft max (m):  


Fuel tank capacity (dm3):


Length of the hull (m):  


Mass without engine (kg):  



Max engine power (kW/HP):  


Recommended power:  


Maximum power:  


Standarn equipment: 

Fully equipped console, console seat, stainless steel rails, cleat, cleat locker, 3 boxes, 4 stainless steel clamps, stainless steel screws, navigation light, stainless steel steps, battery box, 95-liter fuel tank, water pump

Optional accessories:

Seats (Sunbrella or Skay), canopy, sunshade (Sunbrella), sunbed (Sunbrella or Skay), console cover, shelves in the console, Baystar or Hidrodrive hydraulic steering system, ICE seats

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