Emili 425 Sport: Your Ultimate Open-Water Companion

Embrace the Water with the Emili 425 Sport: Your Ideal Companion for Diverse Marine Adventures

The Emili 425 Sport, a masterpiece from Armplast, redefines versatility in the world of open sports and recreation motor boats. Designed with a central console, this boat is a perfect fit for both tranquil inland waterways and the adventurous coastal seas. Whether your passion lies in leisurely recreation or the excitement of water skiing, the Emili 425 Sport is engineered to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Features Tailored for Convenience and Fun:

  • Stainless steel railings and cleats for safety and durability.
  • A convenient trailer hook and navigation lights for easy transport and visibility.
  • A steering wheel and steering cable for precise control.
  • A bathing ladder and anchor box at aft for recreational activities.
  • The option to include a 50-liter fuel tank, enhancing its range and utility.

Compact and Transportable:

One of the Emili 425 Sport's standout features is its ease of transport. Its compact design allows for effortless towing behind a car, making it the ideal choice for explorers who love to discover new water bodies. This boat is not just a means of travel; it's a gateway to endless aquatic adventures.

Ready for Every Adventure:

The Emili 425 Sport is more than just a boat; it's a versatile platform for all your marine activities. From cruising and picnicking on serene lakes to engaging in thrilling water sports in coastal waters, this boat is equipped to handle it all. Its central console design maximizes space and functionality, ensuring every journey is comfortable and memorable.

Choose Emili 425 Sport for Your Next Marine Adventure:

With the Emili 425 Sport, Armplast continues its tradition of blending innovative design with exceptional craftsmanship. This boat is not just a purchase; it's an investment in countless unforgettable moments on the water. Experience the Armplast difference today and set sail towards your next adventure.

EMILI 425 Sport

Technical Specifications:

Beam of the hull (m):  


Category CE:  


Crew Limit:  


Draft max (m):  


Fuel tank capacity (dm3):

Length of the hull (m):  


Mass without engine (kg):  



Max engine power (kW/HP):  


Recommended power:  

30 AG

Maximum power:  

50 AG

Standarn equipment: 

Equipped console, locker, 3 boxes, 4 stainless steel handles, stainless steel rails, navigation lights, stainless steel steps, battery box, stainless steel screws

Optional accessories:

Integrated 40-liter tank, pump, console cover, seats (Sunbrella or Skay), sunbed (Sunbrella or Skay), canopy, console cover, sunshade (Sunbrella)

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