Coastal C2X: Elevate Your Coastal Rowing Experience

Coastal Single C2X Kayak: Double the Fun, Double the Performance

The Coastal Single C2X Kayak is a self-bailing double boat that offers great speed and an exhilarating boat feeling. Building on the success of the Single C1X, the C2X is designed for optimal speed through waves, providing a thrilling surfing experience.

Stable, Strong, and Agile:

The C2X excels in headwinds and maintains stability, enabling constant movement and speed. Its excellent maneuverability and quick turning at buoys make it ideal for coastal competitions. The foldable aluminum riggers add convenience for storage and transportation.

Versatile and Stylish Design:

Like its single counterpart, the C2X is built for the sea and other water bodies, with a design that focuses on both aesthetics and functionality. Its wide appeal makes it suitable for recreational rowers, former top rowers, and elite athletes alike.

Customizable and Convenient:

The C2X comes with options for a watertight compartment, adjustable foot stretcher, and various shoes and seating options, allowing rowers to customize the kayak to their preferences. Its design is both practical and visually appealing, ensuring a great rowing experience.

Ordering Coastal Double C2X:

To place an order for the Coastal Single C1X or Coastal Double C2X please contact Armplast's partner Leo Coastal Rowing.

Emili 425 Sport boat

Technical Specifications:

Mass (kg): 

60 kg

Category C:

Beam of the hull (m): 


Crew Limit: 


Length of the hull (m):


Standard Equipment:

Brackets for safety rope in the bow and stern. Foldable aluminium rigs.

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