Coastal Single C1X: Embrace the Thrill of Coastal Rowing

Coastal Single C1X: A Pinnacle of Speed and Agility

The Coastal Single C1X Kayak from Armplast is a self-bailing boat that stands out for its exceptional speed and agility. Designed to optimize performance through the waves, the C1X offers significant surfing capabilities, making it a top choice for coastal rowing enthusiasts.

Designed for the Sea and Beyond:

Built to withstand tough sea waves, the C1X is equally excellent for rowing in archipelagos or lakes. Its sleek design language and unique color scheme emphasize a clean and stylish appearance, appealing to both competitive and recreational rowers.

Award-Winning Performance:

The C1X has proven its excellence by winning gold at various World Rowing Coastal Championships, a testament to its superior design and capabilities. This kayak is not just a boat; it's a winner on the water.

Ideal for Coastal Rowers:

Designed and developed by coastal rowers for coastal rowers, the C1X is a culmination of expert insights and practical experience. Its layout and design cater to the specific needs of coastal rowing, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

Ordering Coastal Single C1X:

To place an order for the Coastal Single C1X or Coastal Double C2X please contact Armplast's partner Leo Coastal Rowing.

Emili 425 Sport boat

Technical Specifications:

Mass (kg): 

35 kg

Category C:

Beam of the hull (m): 


Crew Limit: 


Length of the hull (m):


Standard Equipment:

The hull is white with a contrasting color on the deck. Brackets for safety rope in the bow and stern. Equipped with a waterproof compartment for valuables. Bungees for storing, life jacket, clothes and water bottle.

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