EMILI 535 Catamaran: designed for umpires, coaches, and media personnel in rowing, kayak, and canoe competitions, as well as for recreational use.

Emili 535 Umpire’s Motor Catamaran: The New Generation of Coastal Rowing Excellence

The Emili 535 Umpire’s Motor Catamaran from Armplast represents a new generation in the world of coastal rowing. Designed specifically for umpires and coaches, this light and fast motor catamaran sets a new standard in maneuverability and speed, making it an essential tool for competitive rowing events.

Enhanced Maneuverability for Optimal Performance:

The Emili 535 is engineered for superior maneuverability, allowing umpires and coaches to navigate effortlessly through various water conditions. Its design ensures quick starting speed and responsive handling, crucial for keeping up with the pace of rowing competitions.

Ideal for Umpires and Coaches in Coastal Rowing:

With its specialized design, the Emili 535 catamaran is perfect for umpires and coaches overseeing coastal rowing events. Its stability and speed make it an excellent platform for monitoring races, ensuring fair play, and providing guidance to athletes.

Lightweight Design for Ease of Use:

The catamaran's lightweight construction not only contributes to its speed but also makes it easy to transport and handle. This feature is particularly beneficial for rowing clubs and organizations that require a reliable and efficient vessel for their events.

A New Standard in Coastal Rowing Catamarans:

The Emili 535 sets a new standard in the design and functionality of umpire’s motor catamarans. Its sleek design, combined with practical features, ensures that it meets the specific needs of coastal rowing umpires and coaches, enhancing their ability to perform their roles effectively.

Your Trusted Partner in Competitive Rowing:

Whether it's for overseeing training sessions or being an integral part of competitive rowing events, the Emili 535 Umpire’s Motor Catamaran is your trusted partner on the water. Its combination of speed, maneuverability, and practical design makes it an invaluable asset in the coastal rowing community. Choose the Emili 535 for its innovative features and commitment to enhancing the sport of coastal rowing.

Technical Specifications:

Beam of the hull:


Category CE: 


Crew limit:


Deck area (sq. m.): 


Height of the hull (m): 


Length of the hull (m): 


Mass without engine (kg):


Max engine power (kW/HP):


Optional accessories:

Standard equipment:

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