The Emili 430 kayak is stable on the water, suitable for leisurely sailing or fishing

Discover the EMILI 430 kayak by Armplast, a versatile and reliable watercraft designed for exploration and adventure. With a spacious design accommodating up to four crew members and a lightweight mass of 50kg, this kayak offers both stability and maneuverability on the water. Its sleek hull, measuring 4.30 meters in length, ensures smooth navigation through various water conditions, making it ideal for recreational outings, fishing trips, and more. Explore the outdoors with confidence aboard the EMILI 430 kayak, crafted by Armplast for unparalleled performance and enjoyment.

Technical Specifications:

Beam of the hull:

Category CE: 


Crew limit:


Length of the hull (m): 


Mass without engine (kg):


Recommended power:

Maximum power:


Max engine power (kW/HP):

Optional accessories:


Standard equipment:

2-3 benches